World Bank loan to India, International Debt Statistics from 1970-2016: IBRD #Hindustan360

World Bank loan to India, International Debt Statistics from 1970-2016: IBRD #Hindustan360 #DograsWeblog via Nishant Dogra

In current days there are only two topics going across India, Stop Modi and Modi government haven’t done anything. Haven’t achieved anything and still India is taking loan from World Bank for development and other things, Petrol prices are hiking,… Continue Reading

India, UAE Ink 14 Pacts In Key Areas Like Defence, Security, Trade and Energy #Hindustan360


India and the UAE on Wednesday signed comprehensive strategic partnership agreement amidst assertion by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that cooperation stands poised for a “major take off”. View more at #Hindustan360.

India set to become world’s largest e-commerce market and to overtake the US market #Hindustan360


The Indian e-commerce market is set to overtake the US and become the second largest in the world in less than two decades, going head-to-head with China for the position of biggest e-commerce market; this according to new research from… Continue Reading

Patanjali Ayurved injects new life into herbal market, herbal care products are on peak #Hindustan360


In a short span of time, Patanjali Ayurved has not only made a name for itself among Indian consumers, but also fuelled expansion of the herbal products market and helped rivals sell more home and personal care products, grabbing share… Continue Reading

Indian Navy over Paschim Leher 40 Indian Navy Warships, Subs amass on the Western seaboard #Hindustan360


With the operational situation along the western front remaining volatile amid heavy exchanges of cross-border firing with Pakistani forces, the Indian security establishment is taking no chances in being ready for any contingency. Even as the Army and IAF airbases… Continue Reading