Cisco CEO Chuck announced its first manufacturing unit in India at Pune; A Business opportunities #Hindustan360


Cisco on Wednesday announced its first manufacturing facility in India at Pune. Cisco and the Government of Maharashtra also announced new local strategic initiatives to help the digital transformation of the state which includes the citywide deployment of a smart city framework to roll out Cisco Smart City solutions in the city of Nagpur, digital learning for students and skills development for local entrepreneurs in Dharavi to create an eCommerce hub, expansion of the Networking Academy program, and digital education and healthcare initiatives in Fetri village. View more at #Hindustan360.

In a conversation with BusinessLine, Cisco’s global CEO Chuck Robbins talked about how he expects India to be the hub of innovation for Cisco not just for manufacturing but overall development of products.

It is a tremendous source of talented employees across our business functions. It is a country that has a leader who believes in the power of what technology can do for the future. And now we are going to start manufacturing here but over time we would love to use it as a hub to deliver products in other countries as well.

A year and a half ago we had our initial meeting with the Prime Minister and then we launched our digital efforts in alignment with the priorities of the government here. What is also aligned to the digital agenda is the launch of manufacturing that we are announcing today. I think of this as a 360 degree country for us because its a great business opportunity for us.

Chuck Robbins said, We are doing a lot of local innovation and creating products to suit the Indian market. We are working with local partners such as L&T, IL&FS and build infrastructure, which will be critical going forward.

We’ve had good wins in India. Nagpur has been a recent one that the Maharashtra government has decided to move forward with. That’s a very large scale deployment–the largest we’ve seen in the country so far. We’ve done work in Jaipur with Jaipur Development Authority where the initial focus was on tourism, we’ve taken that into transportation. We’ve worked on many safe city projects–Lucknow is a showcase for us. So we are seeing large scale deployment.

It’s definitely been good so far, but it is just the beginning of the journey.

View more at #Hindustan360.