CocaCola plans to make Maza in India and support #Hindustan360


Time has been changed, Coca-Cola is interested in Make In India campaign. Coca-Cola is Atlanta, Georgia, United States company and the world’s most recognisable beverage brand, has blown the world marketing strategy by his new idea and is among the big brands at the forefront of the NDA government’s ‘Make In India’ movement. Recently, Coca-Cola launched a new product “Fanta Green Mango” having 10.4 percent fruit juice. Thus answering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for multinationals to produce more fruit-based drinks to help Indian farmers and give his best to the Make In India campaign #Hindustan360 .

What does Coco-Cola say
Last week, Coca-Cola announced its intention to make Maaza, the country’s largest selling mango juice drink, the world’s first billion dollar juice drink brand by 2023. (Its current retail sales are Rs 2,500 crore.) But it strives to do so in an inclusive fashion. The company plans to grow the fortunes and improve fates of lacks of the farmers while it gets Maaza membership in the billion dollar club. Coca-Cola will procure 1.4 lakh metric tonnes of mango pulp from Indian farmers, annually.
[source – India Times]

What the media says
Coca-Cola India is on course to make Maaza the first beverage from India to reach Rs. 6,500 crores mark in revenue by 2023. One of the largest juice brands in the country, Maaza’s current retail sales amount to nearly Rs. 2,500 crores. The fruit-based drink has been part of Coca-Colas’s portfolio since 1993 when Parle Bisleri sold the brand along with Limca, Citra, Thums Up and Gold Spot.
[source – Hungry Forever]

Success stories of October 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced setting up of 42 new mega food parks in the next 4 years. These food parks will provide incentives for small businesses to set up their facilities under various schemes. One of the premier objectives is to increase the quantum of food processing from 10% (2010) to 25% by 2025. The Reserve Bank of India has also identified food processing as a priority industry and has set aside a corpus of Rs 2000cr, where entrepreneurs can get their projects financed at an attractive rate (lower than the market rates).