India and Russia now working on Brahmos Block-IV; The Indian Supersonic Carrier Killer #Hindustan360


Brahmos has successfully travelled from “mind to market” in a spectacular journey within a very short span of time. The Brahmos joint-venture was established between India’s DRDO and Russia’s NPOM in February 1998to design and develop a high-speed, high-precision, ‘fire & forget’ tactical weapon. With the excellent scientific and technical cooperation between the two partnering nations, Brahmos was conceived, designed, developed and successfully test-fired for the first time in June 2001. View more at #Hindustan360.

Today, Brahmos boasts of being a universal, versatile, state-of-the-art weapon capable of being launched from multiple platforms for multiple missions. The JV has established a robust military industrial complex in both India and Russia in which large number of public and private sector industries, laboratories and institutions are developing producing and supplying numerous systems and components for the Brahmos weapon system.

Existing Variants of Brahmos Missile:
For the Army, Brahmos Aerospace has developed the mobile land-attack Brahmos with Block-1, Block-II and Block-III configurations for different missions. For the Navy, both the anti-ship and land attack variants have been developed and deployed. The Indian Air Force has deployed the land-attack version of the system. The modified air-launched version of Brahmos is undergoing test and trials with the Indian Air Force and soon will be deployed operationally.

Newer Variants Under Development:
The newer variants of the weapon would be Brahmos-NG, a smaller and smarter version of existing Brahmos for the air launch platform exclusively for Indian Air Force. Brahmos-II (K) is also under development stage, which would be a hypersonic missile with a top speed of mach 5-7. Brahmos Aerospace is also developing an advanced “Block-IV” configuration missile for the army which will have a 90-degree steep dive attack capability and such kind missile could also be used as a “carrier killer” weapon, if need be.

Export of Brahmos Missile System to Other Friendly Nations:
The inter-governmental agreement (IGA) that was signed between India and Russia in February 1998 made provision for exporting Brahmos to third countries which are friendly to both the partnering nations. The world over, weapon are exported on a government-to-government basis. It is for the Indian government to decide whom it wants to export to. So, export is on our top priority list and we are negotiating with a number of countries at present to sell the weapon, Brahmos Aerospace has excellent production facilities and supply chain management to meet export quality.

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