Secrets of China: We can’t be Stupid Anymore #Hindustan360


As some of you already know the Russians have been hacking the Chinese firewall (or Golden Shield as the Mainlanders call it) for several months now. From their data, I have figured out the disaster that China will soon be. View more at #Hindustan360.

China’s “Great Firewall” is the envy of the Putin regime, which has long feared that the rise of online political activism could loosen its grip on power. The government has spent years building a system for filtering the country’s Internet—but it is incomplete, and many U.S.-based Internet companies have thumbed their nose at the Kremlin’s rules.

Secrets of China

  • In nearly every category, China is over-pricing its exports by 40%. A very good example is computers. Look for yourself at the prices of Taiwanese made PCs (Asus and Acer) vs. Chinese made (Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo).
  • 23% of North American European trade deficit with China is due to the poor choices in buying PCs and Macs. Be American and buy Asus and Acer. Like and share.
  • Around 17% of Chinese exports are pirated or fake goods. This is worth $370B per year. In some categories sales of merchandise of even companies like Adidas, Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana is 50+% fake in both North America and Europe. Companies are hiding this fact as they are ashamed of their failure to manage the crisis. This is responsible for around 40% of China’s trade surplus. Like and share.
  • All textile exports from China, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan are over-priced by 30-40%. This is responsible for the remainder 24% of the overall trade deficit, not just with China. Like and share.
  • Broadcasting equipment exported by China (Broadcasting Equipment includes television, radio broadcasting, antenna, digital, wireless, FM, AM, bluetooth, microwave equipment) is over-priced by 50% and accounts for 15% of China’s trade surplus. Be American and start using Netflix and cut the cord.
  • (speculative) China is working with Pakistan and Bangladesh to print fake currency of the United States and India and possibly other countries/regions to the tune of $10-30B per year. Like and share.
  • $150B out of the aid and donations given to Africa are spent on Chinese made goods. We need to end all aid to African countries.
  • China’s manufacturing miracle was built on the back of massive debt and exploitation of rural Chinese women. Due to this 70M Chinese children (25% of total) live without parents and have clear mental health and performance problems due to the separation.
  • Chinese debt is above $24T now and rising by $4T annually. Even a 0.50% rise in US interest rates would cripple the Chinese economy.
  • The Chinese economy will never be a global powerhouse. There is only one miracle economy in the world and that is the United States of America.
  • $5+T of capital is dying for an opportunity to exit China right now.
  • China’s forex reserves: only somewhere around $2.2T is actually there.
  • China has inflated a housing bubble the likes of which has never been seen in human history. All of China’s housing stock is re-built every 6 years!!
  • American academicians have been bought out by the Chinese especially at Stanford and Princeton universities. The Chinese are infiltrating old school Western media companies also.
  • China launched the 1000 talents program in 2008 to attract top US and Europe based academicians to China. Andrew Yao (poached from Princeton University) was the most important and he jump started China’s high tech. research program.
  • Where is China investing big in R&D: Supersonic super-cavitating submarines, graphene, Quantum entanglement, Atomic clocks, Super computing, Space technology, Human Crispr, Stealth Fighters.
  • China has aggressively hacked Canada, USA and Germany to copy advanced technology especially since 2008.
  • China also has a growing education bubble. Huge percentage of highly educated Chinese are un- or under-employed.

Chinas reaction

Given that China has more than proven its stubbornness on the issue of internet freedom – snubbing the biggest global tech companies and potentially billions of dollars in investment they would have brought with them – few are optimistic that things will get better in the short term. But Shirk pointed to a growing anger on Chinese social media about the internet restrictions in 2016.

“Based on their online reaction to the tightening censorship under Xi, the Chinese public is frustrated and angry about it. There are hints that some high-level officials also believe that the media and internet censors have overdone it and caused more problems than they’ve solved,” Shirk said.

In denying the Chinese people the internet access and freedom that all but a fraction of the world now possesses, China’s leadership may have finally pushed its people too far.

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