Superfast Talgo train successfully completes Delhi-Mumbai trial run in under 12 hours at 150Kmph #Hindustan360


Another milestone achieved by the Railway of India. Spanish-made Talgo train today completed its final trial between Delhi and Mumbai in just the 12 hours. The train successfully achieved its target by completing the journey in 12 hours. On Saturday, the train left Delhi station at 2.45 PM and reached Mumbai station at 2.34 AM. The Indian Railways has been working towards reducing the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai by four hours. View more at #Hindustan360 .

The distance between Delhi and Mumbai is about 1,400 km’s. Interestingly, Rajdhani Express is the fastest train that clocks 16 hours travel time between the two cities. After the series of trial runs to assess the technical and speeds advantages, the railways will take a decision on the purchase of the Talgo coaches.

In its penultimate trial run, the Talgo train reached Mumbai 18 minutes late. Earlier, the speed was ranging between 80-115 km per hour during the first trial between Bareilly and Moradabad stations last month. Hauled by a 4,500 HP diesel engine, Talgo coaches are lightweight and designed in a way that it can run on curves without decelerating the speed.

Besides speed, testing team will also take note of vibration, safety and stability of lightweight coaches during the trial and these technical parameters were vital for high-speed run. According to the plan, Talgo train is expected to press into service on Delhi-Mumbai sector.

Currently, Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express runs at an average speed of 85 km per hour while the Talgo train can maintain an average speed of 125 km per hour. Talgo envisages the journey between Delhi and Mumbai can be completed in about 12 hours as compared to 17 hours at present. The Railways has set up a Mobility Directorate to work on strategies to increase the speed of trains.

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