The biggest multi-sectoral event and exhibition ever held in India, Make In India #Hindustan360


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his own words, it is “the biggest multi-sectoral event and exhibition ever held in India.” Make in India Week at the Bandra-Kurla Complex. Here is the statical proof for the biggest event ever held Over 2,500 international and 8,000 domestic companies, foreign government delegations from 68 countries and business teams from 72 nations. And the icon personalities, there were the prime ministers of Sweden and Finland and the deputy premier of Poland. View more at #Hindustan360 .

What does Modi said

Before this powerful crowd, Modi pitched India’s case in his characteristic style. There were the one-liners and the Modi coinages. How about a sample? “India is blessed with three Ds – Democracy, Demography and Demand.”

What does Media Say
Then he showed the world India’s greatest strength. “The youthful energy of 65% population, under the age of 35 years, is our greatest strength.”
By stressing on the country’s ease-of-doing business initiatives and reforms, Modi projected India before the world with great finesse. Presenting figures, he explained to the star audience why the India story is today’s the most attractive one.

“India is the most open country for FDI. Most FDI sectors have been put on the automatic approval route. Our FDI inflows have gone up by 48% since the day my government came into office. In fact, FDI inflow in December 2015 was the highest ever in this country. This, at a time when global FDI has fallen substantially,” the Prime Minister said.
[source – DNA India]

What happened in Make in India Week at the Bandra-Kurla Complex

Modi also shared few point on TAX schemes in India , reducing the fears of foreign investors he said, “We have carried out a number of corrections on the taxation front. We will not resort to retrospective taxation,” Then taking lap he said. “The results are encouraging and outstanding. India become the fastest growing economy in the world and have grown its value in world market,” he said, adding that the current fiscal would end with well over 7% growth in GDP.

To power the words of Narendra Modi. The IMF, World Bank, OECD, ADB and other institutions have projected even better growth in the coming days.

  • In 2014-15, India has contributed 12.5% to global growth rate
  • Other indicators like India being constantly ranked as the most attractive investment destination and sfer place by several institutions worldwide
  • India has jumped 12 ranks in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings list
  • Then after, Calling Maharashtra “the Most productive and expanding state of India,” chief minister Devendra Fadnavis said that Maharashtra accounted for 15% of the GDP, the highest exports and FDI inflows.

    <>Devendra Fadnavis said the Make in India initiative had changed the outlook of the country and created an atmosphere of healthy competition between states with competitive federalism replacing cooperative federalism. This was leading to states complementing each other and making India a strong destination for manufacturing.

    Nirmala Sitharaman, Union minister of state for commerce and industry, said PM Modi had said that “India shall no longer be known as a country of red tape, it shall be known for red carpet and spreading of red carpet for anyone who wants to come in to invest or to manufacture in this country.” Modi’s “extensive tours” to several country had led to Brand India becoming a respectable word and India finding itself a place at the high table. Resulting that, FDI into India has grown by 48% while all over the world it has taken a dip by 16%.

    Then after Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä said: “Renewable energy is the call of the future. India needs it, Finland needs it, the world needs it,” even as he hailed Modi for his green energy push.

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