Govt of India takes decision to manufacture second line of fighter aircrafts under Make in India project, says IAF Chief #Hindustan360


The Government of India has taken the decision to manufacture the second line of fighter air-crafts under Make in India project. Pointing out that some of the air-crafts like the MiG-29, Jaguar and Mirage were being upgraded, the air chief said, “Some of our old fleets are becoming absolutely obsolete and so we need to replace them.” Within 15-20 years, any platform with any air force will tend to suffer from obsoleteness… Air-crafts are losing their relevance because new technologies have come up and they will not be able to match. The IAF chief also spoke of having learnt a “few lessons” from the Pathankot terrorist attack. “We are revitalising our training and are getting better small arms… We have also classified and prioritised IAF bases based on the threat perceptions, proximity to the border and the assets these bases have,” Raha said adding that “smart fences” having intrusion alarms will be set up. View more at #Hindustan360 .

“Within a year, some decision will be taken on what will be the second line of the fighter aircraft,” Arup Raha said.
“One more line of fighter aircraft is likely to be made in India,” IAF chief Arup Raha said.

“The government has ordered a special review by a team that is being led by an ex-lieutenant general. This team is going to give the report by the 31st of this month,” IAF chief.

Deals in air crafts:

  • The IAF chief said he expected the deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets with France to be concluded soon.
  • Rafale is a multi-role twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation of Frence.
  • India’s squadron-strength is down, with reports suggesting that only 32 squadrons are operational at present, compared with the ideal number of 42 squadrons.
  • Some more facts in Indian Defence Manufacturing sector

    Godrej Aerospace is producing BrahMos missile air frame assemblies for BAPL (BrahMosAerospace Pvt. Ltd.).

    The BrahMos missile is a supersonic cruise missile with a flight range of upto 290 km. It carries a conventional warhead weighing 200 – 300 kilos. It can cruise at an altitude as high as 15 km and as low as 10 m above the ground and maintains supersonic speed (more than 1 km per second) throughout the duration of its flight. Once the BrahMos missile is fired, it doesn’t need any further guidance from a control center. This makes it a ‘Fire and Forget’ missile.

    Godrej Aerospace facility attested as BrahMos Production Facility by Russian experts in March 2009 and Godrej has been providing sets of airframe assemblies for BrahMos.

    India’s first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine.

    India is the sixth country in the world which can both make and operate nuclear-powered submarines, the others being US, Britain, France, Russia and China.

    The entire hull, all of special steels and metallurgy, has been fabricated indigenously in a private sector shipyard; this will be repeated in follow-on vessels.

    Engineering giants and smaller firms in the private sector have contributed with major machinery and auxiliary systems and several public sector units have also played a role.

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