Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd benchmarks Highest-Ever Sales; manufacturing touches 40 aircraft annually #Hindustan360

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd benchmarks Highest-Ever Sales; manufacturing touches 40 aircraft annually #Hindustan360

India’s state-owned aerospace manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has reported its highest-ever sales turnover of $2.7 billion during the financial year 2017-18, which ended on 31 March 2018. A year before, the firm had reported a turnover of $2.62 billion.

“The company expects continued ‘Excellent’ rating for the FY 2017-18 from the Government of India on meeting all the relevant parameters related to its performance,” HAL said in a statement.

HAL claimed it has produced 40 new aircraft/helicopters and 105 new engines. It has also carried out an overhaul of 220 aircraft/helicopters and 550 engines. Last year, it produced 12 Su-30MKI aircraft and 24 ALHs, in addition to overhauling 194 aircraft and helicopters and 473 aero engines.

In a remarkably good year, HAL also bagged a new contract worth $7.7 billion for the manufacture of 83 Mark-1A light combat aircraft for the Indian Air Force. The company has also bagged an order of 41 Advanced Light Helicopters and 8 Chetak helicopters from the Indian Armed Forces.

Major operations undertaken by HAL includes the following:

International agreements

  • The US$35 billion fifth-generation fighter jet programme with the Sukhoi Corporation of Russia.
  • US$1 billion contract to manufacture aircraft parts for Boeing.
  • Multi-role transport aircraft project with Ilyushin of Russia worth US$600 million.
  • 120 RD-33MK turbofan engines to be manufactured for MiG-29K by HAL for US$250 million.
  • Contract to manufacture 1,000 TPE331 aircraft engines for Honeywell worth US$200,000 each (estimates put total value of deal at US$200 million).
  • US$120 million deal to manufacture Dornier 228 for RUAG of Switzerland.
  • Manufacture of aircraft parts for Airbus SAS worth US$150 million.
  • US$100 million contract to export composite materials to Israel Aircraft Industries.
  • US$65 million joint-research facility with Honeywell and planned production of Garrett TPE331 engines.
  • US$50.7 million contract to supply Advanced Light Helicopter to Ecuadorian Air Force. HAL will also open a maintenance base in the country.
  • US$30 million contract to supply avionics for Malaysian Su-30MKM.
  • US$20 million contract to supply ambulance version of HAL Dhruv to Peru.
  • Contract of 3 HAL Dhruv helicopters from Turkey worth US$20 million.
  • US$10 million order from Namibia for HAL Chetak and Cheetah helicopters.
  • Supply of HAL Dhruv helicopters to Mauritius’ National Police in a deal worth US$7 million.
  • Unmanned helicopter development project with Israel Aircraft Industries.

Domestic agreements

  • 220 Sukhoi Su-30MKI being manufactured at HAL’s facilities in Nasik, Koraput and Bangalore. The total contract, which also involves Russia’s Sukhoi Aerospace, is worth US$3.2 billion.
  • 200 HAL Light Combat Helicopters for the Indian Air Force and 500 HAL Dhruv helicopters worth US$5.83 billion.
  • US$900 million aerospace hub in Andhra Pradesh.
  • US$57 million upgrade of SEPECAT Jaguar fleet of the Indian Air Force.
  • US$55 million helicopter simulator training facility in Bangalore in collaboration with Canada’s CAE.
  • 64 MiG-29s to be upgraded by HAL and Russia’s MiG Corporation in a programme worth US$960 million.
  • Licensed production of 82 BAe Hawk 132.

One of the largest aerospace companies in Asia, HAL has annual turnover of over US$2 billion. More than 40% of HAL’s revenues come from international deals to manufacture aircraft engines, spare parts, and other aircraft materials.

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