Mahesh Sawani, A Gujarati businessmen offers to finance school and college education for the #UriMartyrs’ children #Hindustan360


Mahesh Sawani the trending name on the media. Here is the spirit of patriotism, after the #URIattack the politics and the defence is on the peak. Whole of the country is standing behind the #UriMartyrs. People are looking for the justice and the revenge. In the mean time, A Gujarati businessmen spoken that he will “finance school and college education for the #UriMartyrs’ children”. View more at #Hindustan360.

He said he will take care of all the needs and take responsibilities to provide all the educational facilities to the children of Martyred soldiers. He also said on TV channel to every daughter of the soldier, keep working hard and stay focused. He shared that childer who want to get the education in PP Sawani School, they will get the free schooling and the hostels too. He will serve the families of soldiers who served the nation without the risk of their lives.

We salute to such a kind of patriotism and the spirit, few of this kind of peoples know what is the worth of soldier life who is defending the nation on the borders.

View more at #Hindustan360 .