Navy request to procure 57 multi-role combat aircraft for its carrier #Hindustan360


Havingaving rejected indigenously built ‘Tejas’ as too heavy. Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba had said the “present LCA does not meet the carrier capability required by the Navy”. View more at #Hindustan360.

He had said the service would continue to support its development but “at the same time we will seek aircraft elsewhere which can operate on the aircraft carrier”. The RFI, dated January 17, says the aircraft are “intended as day-and-night capable, all-weather, multi-role, deck-based combat aircraft which can be used for air defence, air-to-surface operations, buddy refueling, reconnaissance etc. from IN aircraft carriers”.

While it has not been specified whether the Navy wants single-engine or twin-engine multi-role carrier-borne fighters, sources said that given the role mentioned, the aircraft will be a medium-to-heavy, twin-engine one. At present, the Navy operates 45 MIG-29K jets, which from time-to-time face serviceability issues.

🚧 Currently, six planes are compatible for aircraft carrier flying. 🚧
🚀 Rafale (Dassault, France)
🚀 F-18 Super Hornet (Boeing, US)
🚀 MIG-29K (Russia)
🚀 F-35B and F-35C (Lockheed Martin, US)
🚀 Gripen (Saab, Sweden)

While F-18, Rafale and MIG-29K are twin engine jets, the remaining three have single engine. The government also wants to manufacture these planes in India and tender has asked the original equipment manufacturers to respond to it. It also sought to know at what level of Transfer of Technology (ToT) and deep repair expertise the company is willing to share with India.

It also asked the vendor to specify critical technologies required and comment on its ability to absorb the aircraft manufacturing technology at the levels of sub vendor/supply chain elements in India through ToT from OEM and its partners. As regards the delivery schedule, the first lot of jets have to be delivered in three years after inking of the contract and all the 57 have to be delivered in the next three years.

Indian Naval Air Arm

Founded Naval Air Arm, 1948, India
Size 5,000 personnel || Approx. 212 aircraft
Part of Indian Navy
Roundel, Fin flash Roundel  The IN Fin Flash

Current roles of Indian Navy

  • In conjunction with other Armed Forces of the union, act to deter or defeat any threats or aggression against the territory, people or maritime interests of India, both in war and peace
  • Project influence in India’s maritime area of interest, to further the nation’s political, economic and security objectives
  • In co-operation with the Indian Coast Guard, ensure good order and stability in India’s maritime zones of responsibility
  • Provide maritime assistance (including disaster relief) in India’s maritime neighbourhood

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