Operation Sindh by Indian Army; with hundreds of Battle Tanks and Helicopters to cut Pakistan in half #Hindustan360


India-Pakistan relations are bedeviled by religion as the basis of Pakistan was the two nation theory which stated that Hindus and Muslims were separate countries and could not live together. The two nation theory collapsed with the creation of Bangladesh after the breakup of Pakistan. View more at #Hindustan360.

Military Exercise

India and.Pakistan fought a war over Kargil in 1998 and Pakistan suffered a defeat. A ceasefire was brought about by Clinton, but Pakistan could not reconcile to it. It continued its policy of bleeding India with 100 cuts.With rising terror attacks in Kashmir and Indian cities the Indian army and air force have conducted a massive air-army exercise on the Pakistan border in Rajasthan close to the Indian town of Jaisalmer. The #military exercise simulated battle conditions as a strike corps of the Indian army with battle tanks and helicopters carried out the exercise. The desert sands give an idea that in the next war India may well thrust into Sind, which is a restive province of Pakistan. The news of the exercise was reported by Times news channel in its prime time TV broadcast.

Pakistan racked by dissension

Pakistan had also carried out a similar exercise a month back, but the country is faced with internal dissension and terror attack by the Sunni outfits ISIS and the Jaish-e-Mohammad.These Sunni outfits want to set up a regime based on the Sharia and routinely commit terror attacks. Yesterday the ISIS attacked a Sufi shrine in Baluchistan revered by Shia Muslims, and 59 were killed.There is also a low-intensity conflict on in Baluchistan against the Pakistan state for independence.

Last word

The US was the ally of Pakistan for five decades but with Pakistan becoming a terror center the relationship has cooled and the Americans for strategic reasons have chosen India as their partner. India and the USA have just finished a joint exercise in Ladakh. The present exercise was to test the response of a combined army- helicopter invasion of Sindh with battle tanks striking deep. With Donald Trump becoming President he will soon have to face the situation in SE Asia.

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